If you are looking for security officers in Los Angeles Excalibur Security, Inc. can help you. All of our officers are licensed and trained. We have both armed and unarmed officers. Our rates are among the most competitive in Los Angeles. We continue to train our officers both on the accounts they work at and also on all the rules and regulations of BSIS, which is the state-run body that oversees security for the state of California. Los Angeles security guards   have various degrees of experience and know-how. It’s best to call our office and discuss your specific security situation to see if we can assist.

Los Angeles Security Guards – Dress Code

An often forgotten or overlooked issue for security officers is their dress attire. Every client dictates how they want Officers to dress which is usually determined by the environment in which guards are working. Obviously, retail officers in a Beverly Hills high-end art gallery will dress differently than guards who are working at a construction site. It’s best to establish some sort of dress code policy. The guards should read and agree to follow the policy. Guards are often the first and last people seen by the Client, their employees and customers. Therefore, an Officers appearance is important and must be respected. Guards should always be clean-shaven and whatever they are wearing it should be clean and neat. For more about Los Angeles security guards visit our website or contact our company.

Security Guards Los Angeles – A challenging place to work

If you are  a security guard living in Los Angeles you know it can be a very challenging place to work. First of although there are many jobs, the competition is fierce with higher paying jobs few and far between. Still, with those who work hard they can gain experience and hopefully move up into management or other law enforcement jobs. Security in Los Angeles can be difficult because there are many diverse cultures and each has their own norms and mores; one should be knowledgeable about the customs and traits of the community one serves. A diverse population can lead to language barrier issues, and socioeconomic obstacles.  The city is pretty spread out so commuting to one’s job can additionally be challenging.

Los Angeles security guard rules of conduct

Rules of conduct are behavioral expectations that clients have for guards who work at their location. It’s important that a security officer’s behavior is in keeping with the expectations of clients. Here is a short list of Rules of Conduct for Los Angeles security guards that we have come up with:

No sleeping on the job, No socializing while working, the importance of showing up on time and leaving on time, meal and rest breaks defined, no watching t.v. or playing computers or any other activity that interferes with one’s work, uniform appearance rules and expectations, the  importance of keeping legible daily activity reports…the list  goes on.


Security Guard Contrats

If you’re going to hire a security guard make sure you have a contract. Without legal protection, you run the risk of a lawsuit and possibly be liable for material loss. There are many conditions that one needs to consider when hiring security guards. Los Angeles security guards is a blog we created that help clients understand the legal ramifications of working with security guards. Basic guard contracts must be understood and we have on our site various samples that act as a model for those new to the business to follow. Not all security guard contracts are the same. It’s important to consider the conditions you want for your guard contracts and to make sure they are in your contract.

How to Find Security Guards in Los Angeles

There are several ways to find quality, reliable security guards in los Angeles.

1) Advertise: there are a number of guard sites and general employments papers that one can place an ad to find security officers. We publish a blog called Security Guards Los Angeles which spells out the best sources for this.

2) One can call security guard companies and they can provide you with the guards that you need. The benefit of this is that, typically speaking, they are experts in the field and, as such, they can get you qualified applicants at a fairly good price.

3) If you know of any security guards that you run into, say at your local mall or shopping center, ask them and they will assist you in getting qualified applicants. At Excalibur, we are always interested in helping Los Angeles residents and visitors find security staff. Consider giving us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation.


If you are looking to hire a Security Guard Los Angeles can be a challenging place. Pricing varies according to qualifications of the guards you will be hiring and  the company you are dealing with. It’s important to make sure that all security officers you hire in Los Angeles are fully licensed and insured. At Excalibur we guarantee this as well as unbeatable rates, but we like to educate our clients and help them understand that one usually gets what they pay for. If one is going to spend the money to protect their assets or people it makes sense to ensure that the security team in place is reliable and well-qualified. At Excalibur Security, we value our clients and do our best to work within their budget. We publish literature and an online blog called Security guards Los Angeles which helps consumers learn more about the LA security scene.

Los Angeles Security Guards

If you need to hire security guards in Los Angeles consider contacting Excalibur Security Agency. Serving a wide array of clients in the Greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas, Excalibur has set the gold standard for security excellence. All officers comply with BSIS regulations which sets all the rules and regulations for California. All officers are fully licensed and bonded. Many of our officers come from Military and Police backgrounds. We pride ourselves on good customer service skills. We have a blog called Los Angeles Security Guards. Consider giving us a call for a free, no-obligation quote. There are a number of actors that go into quality security guards service so give Excalibur a call. We are happy to share our information.

Security Guards Los Angeles

For security guards Los Angeles can be a challenging place to find the quality, reliable officers. Excalibur Security Agency an assist with all your staffing needs at unbeatable rates. We have over thirty years of security experience in practically every industry. We are fully insured, licensed, and have solid references. Consider calling Excalibur at 310 919 8780 for a free consultation. We offer both armed and unarmed officers. We train all of our guards both in  general security protocol and site-specific security information. We have multiple uniforms to choose from as well.

Security Guard in Los Angeles

To be a security guard in Los Angeles, the first you need to do is be licensed. BSIS, which stands for The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services is part of the Consumer Affairs and oversees all the rules and regulations pertaining to security in the state of California. To get a license, one needs to be at least eighteen years old, pass a criminal background check, and also pass a test. Once one gets a guard card (also called a ‘license’) one can officially work as a security guard. To get a job you can either apply directly for companies that are hiring security guards or work for a Los Angeles security guard company. These companies act as agencies. Clients call them and try and get qualified guards to work at their facilities. Security guard companies in Los Angeles look for various skills, much of it depends upon what their client’s requests are.