Security Agency Los Angeles CA


Security Agency Los Angeles CA

Although we are a full-service guard company, many clients utilize our security company since it is such a cost-effective and efficient way to maximize the best possible service. Experts in the Los Angeles security industry, Exalibur Security, Inc. offers a one-of-a-kind service, acting as a liaison between security guard companies and the clients seeking to hire them. Similar to how insurance agents have access to numerous carriers, providing clients with a multitude of choices at the lowest prices, we perform the same service for the security guard industry.

First, we meet with clients, at no cost to them, to learn about their unique security needs. We then start the process of security guard vendor selection. Having knowledge of and access to practically every security guard company in Los Angeles, including many top firms with whom we have strong working relationships, we are able to pair each client with its optimal security match. The benefits of utilizing our company include:

Better Contracts

Due to our extensive experience, we see to it that each client receives maximize legal protection and many security guarantees most contracts lack.

Lower Rates

Our vast knowledge of the security industry market helps us negotiate much better rates than clients would be able to procure for themselves. We save not only our clients money who pay absolutely nothing for our service, but also save the security guard vendor they end up with money, since our commission is typically less than that which they would have to pay their own internal sales staff and/or manager.

Improved Security Program

We consult, work with, and recommend the right guard vendor, personnel, and polices and procedures at no cost to our clients.

24/7 Advice

Free, objective, professional security insight.

Double Supervision

We make sure all security policies and procedures are adhered to as we keep a watchful eye on the account(s), its security guard vendor’s staff, and its supervision.


Multiple security guard vendor choices allow less-than-satisfied clients to switch to another vendor seamlessly.


When requested—-which is often–we handle security concerns, allowing our clients to focus their time and energy on their business.



Satisfied with your current security guard vendor but want to be sure that you are receiving optimal service at the best possible rates? Our Security Partnership and Consultation Service is designed for this very purpose.



An expert security consultant meets with a prospective client. Any and all security concerns are discussed under strict confidentiality.


We offer a free complimentary security assessment, reviewing contract, policies, and staff.


Findings are then reported. We recommend solutions to any new concern.


The consultant meets the security guard vendor. The client, of course, is welcome to attend. Lower rates and an improved security program are negotiated.


A new security contract is reviewed and signed.


We are paid a portion of the money we save our client–usually 25% to 50%–depending upon our level of post contract involvement. Again, the only money we earn is an agreed-upon percent of what we save our client.


Most clients retain our services. We offer routine quality assurance inspections, ensuring that the new contract is honored and that the security staff is well supervised and performing optimally. It is like having a free in-house security director, providing unbiased, objective feedback, achieving the best possible security service.

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Areas Serviced: Los Angeles, Corona, Riverside, Glendora, Pomona, Ontario, Long Beach, Burbank and more...