Security Guard Service Corona CA



To protect our clients and instill in them the confidence that they have the best possible security service, we will put in writing all points stated below. If security is handled through our own in-house security guard team, such terms will be included in our contract. If we are consulting or acting as an agent on behalf of a client, we will see it it that the chosen security guard vendor abides by any and all desired terms, and we will negotiate such terms, if requested (see our agency page).

We guarantee:

  • Shifts will be covered at all times
  • Lowest rates for our security guards starting at $12.50 an hour
  • Security management is available 24/7
  • Supervision of officers will be constant, documented, and signed
  • All officers are fully screened, licensed, and insured
  • All officers are well-trained, dependable, observant, & professional
  • All client’s concerns will be addressed promptly
  • Complete satisfaction or one can cancel service at anytime
  • Each security program will be understood & followed by all officers
  • All serious security-related problem will be immediately addressed
  • We will never conceal any mistake or problem
  • Client concerns will always receive prompt attention & care
  • Over 35 years of security experience at your service
  • New accounts will have a smooth transition
  • We offer security service on a short-term trial basis

Security Guard Holding a Walkie Talkie outside

Areas Serviced: Los Angeles, Corona, Riverside, Glendora, Pomona, Ontario, Long Beach, Burbank and more...